XUECHEN Plum Washing Machine Hair Filter Cleaning Mesh Bag,Pet Hair Remover,Washing Machine Filter Bag,Laundry Bags & Baskets,Reusable Floating Laundry Lint Mesh Bag

Only $10.99

REDUCE CLOGGING:Innovate machine washing to clean the filter,add a layer of filter to the existing built-in filter, fine mesh,reduce clogging troubles, protect your expensive washing machine from unnecessary breakdowns.
REUSABLE:Made of high-quality nylon fibre-mesh, these bags, like today’s laundry bags, can be used with little or no care.Simply remove any remaining debris and occasionally clean the net to prevent bacterial growth.
ECCELLENT CLEANING ABILITY:Put the washing powder into the filter bag,with the washing machine continues to rotate, make the washing powder completely dissolved, produce thick foam can effectively fine particles of debris into the bag, so that cleaning more clean.
QUALITY AFTER SALE:We take confident in our products and are committed to customer satisfaction.If you have any questions when using the product, please contact us,we will solve the problem for you within 24 hours.


Pet Hair Remover