Cable Matters HDMI Cable with Redmere (Active HDMI Cable) 4K Rated with Ethernet 25 Feet

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Product Description

Audio ArrangementAudio Arrangement

Active 4K HDMI Cable up to 50 Feet

The Cable Matters Active 4K HDMI Cable with RedMere Technology is designed to connect a computer, Blu-ray player, or set-top box to a 4K x 2K UHD TV, monitor or projector. It is universally compatible with HDMI devices and displays. Advanced feature support includes 4K x 2K video resolution, HD surround sound audio, and improved color spaces. The ARC audio return channel and Ethernet channel eliminate the need for extra cables when connecting a networked smart device.

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Authentic Audio & 4K Video

4K@30Hz video resolution support Backwards compatible with 2560×1440, 1920×1080, and belowAudio support for uncompressed digital 7.1, 5.1 or 2 channels audioControl the audio using ARC (Audio Return Channel)

Lighter & Thinner HDMI Cable

Lighter & Thinner HDMI Cable



Lighter & Thinner HDMI Cable

Lighter & Thinner HDMI Cable

Dynamic RedMere Solution

Embedded active chipset draws power from the source deviceBoosts the signal and reduces data transmission loss on each channel

Direction Matters!

Cable is NOT bi-directionalConnect the DISPLAY end to the output onlyAllow a 3″ clearance behind your display

30% Slimmer

Cable diameter is about 30% less than a normal 25 foot HDMI cableTransmit audio video signals over a longer distances in a thinner cable

Video Resolution Support

Up to 4K@30Hz

Up to 4K@60Hz

Up to 4K@60Hz

Available Lengths

25, 35, 50 Feet

7, 10, 15 Meter

10, 20, 30 Meter

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REDMERE READY HDMI cable 25 ft offers High Speed HDMI features including 4K x 2K video resolution support, full 3D pass-through, an audio return channel (ARC) to connect an A/V receiver, and an Ethernet channel to network a Smart TV without any extra cabling
ACTIVE 25 FT HDMI CABLE has a booster and equalizer chipset that transmits the HDMI signal and 5V power farther and more reliably than a typical HDMI cable; The 25 foot HDMI cable is an ideal solution for connecting a 4K display or 3D projector at a longer distance with HDMI cables
DIRECTION MATTERS when installing this 25′ HDMI cable; The HDMI 25ft cable is NOT bi-directional; Labeled connectors indicate the DISPLAY and the SOURCE ends of the cable to avoid confusion; Larger size DISPLAY connector incorporates an embedded chipset that boosts the signal from the source; Allow a 2.5 to 3-inch clearance behind a wall-mounted TV for the larger DISPLAY connector
SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION combines an active chipset, solid copper conductors, a sturdy PVC cable jacket, and easy-grip HDMI connectors with gold-plating and molded strain relief; Universal compatibility with HDMI sources and displays such as a Blu-ray player, video media streamer, or a set-top box
IN WALL HDMI CABLE 25 feet for a 4K TV, projector in a conference room, or a security display monitor; Audio support for True HD Dolby 7.1 and DTS-HD Master Surround Sound Audio


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