Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks for Handles Child Safety Cabinet Latches for Home Safety Strap for Baby Proofing Cabinets Kitchen Door RV No Drill No Screw No Adhesive /4 Pack (White)

Only $12.99

Attach these small child cabinet locks to any cabinets having side-by-side straight (closed loop) handles between 1-5/8 to 7 inches apart. They will not work on round or shaped knobs. Have knobs? See our other safety cabinet latch designed specifically for side-by-side knobs.
Simple zip-tie strap is military grade and tested to over 120lbs. They take just seconds to install and remain permanently attached to your cabinet door handles so they are always there when you need them. Use them for as long as needed, then just cut off to remove.
No drilling, no adhesive, no lost or misplaced magnets and no damage to cabinets
This baby safety cabinet lock design is easy for adults to open, but difficult for small children.
Kiscords child safety cabinet straps are the smallest lock on the market. They are made from safe nylon, and are proudly made in the USA


Twist-to-Close Safety Covers