60+ wallpapers
50+ masking options
Color overlay, grayscale, rounding, gradient
Super Retina optimised

Notch doesn’t only remove or hide the notch, it can also enhance it with the color and the mask of your choice.

Try to make a Live X wallpaper for your lock screen:
Pick a still image then pick a Live X animation, save and set as Live Lock Screen. Force touch your lock screen to play the animation and show off with your new iPhone. The animation will even temporarily reveal the notch if your still image hides it usually.

*Pro tips:
Re-apply a new mask over last saved result.
Get a different effect for lock and home screen.
Work on your image in the Photo app prior to select it.

Notch is just a way to enhance the notch of your brand new device and this only on the home and lock screens wallpapers. This app will not alter the presence of a notch on the device itself or throughout the whole interface.

Works on all iOS devices!

We are more than happy to answer request, also send us an email if you are keen to enhance the app. ie: creators for new wallpapers or masks.

By Florent Pottevin

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